Garbage & Recycling

Solid Waste Collection

The City provides a curbside solid waste collection service for residential properties located within the corporate limits of Mount Pleasant. The City is divided into four route days. Your route day will depend upon your address. Solid waste is collected once each week-Monday through Thursday.

Sticker System

The Mount Pleasant residents have used a volume-based fee system to pay for their solid waste collection since October 1990. The volume-based system requires residents to put a ‘garbage sticker’ on each 30-gallon bag of garbage to be collected or on each bag inside a 33-gallon can. Stickers are available for purchase at the grocery stores and convenience stores in Mount Pleasant.

Collection Rules & Regulations

  • Must be at curb by 7:00 a.m.
  • Must bear the sticker
  • Maximum can size is 33 gallons
  • Maximum bag size is 30 gallons
  • Cans must have handles
  • Cannot weigh more than 45 lbs.

Noncollectable Items

  • Grass Clippings, branches & leaves
  • Sheet rock, dimension lumber, etc.
  • Furniture
  • Oil-based paint
  • Home & yard chemicals
  • Tires

Garbage Route Map


Curbside recycling services are provided to the citizens of Mount Pleasant by the Des Moines County Regional Solid Waste Commission. The Solid Waste Commission assesses the City $3.75 per household per month for recycling services. The City passes this cost along to you on your monthly utility bill. The service includes collection of plastics, metals, glass, cardboard and newsprint at the curb once every two weeks. If you live north of Washington Street, your recycling day is Tuesday. If you live south of Washington Street, your recycling day is Thursday. You must use the solid waste Commission’s official recycling container to receive recycling services. The containers are available from City Hall at the cost of $8.00. If you have any questions about the recycling services, you may contact the Solid Waste Commission at 1-800-216-8126.

Recycling Brochure

Recycling Calendar South 2020

Recycling Calendar North 2020


Spring Clean Up

This service has been a favorite of Mount Pleasant residents for many years. DUE TO COVID-19 Spring Clean Up will be held June 1st – 5th of 2020. Please bag as many items as possible.

The City sponsors a community spring clean-up during which residents can dispose of large and unusual items that cannot be accepted during the rest of the year. Your spring clean-up day will be your regular garbage collection day. You must have your spring cleanup materials out to the curb by 7:00 a.m. Material must be piled up as orderly as possible. You may dispose of furniture, carpet, and other large items. You are required to use a minimum of six garbage stickers on your entire pile. If you have any questions, feel welcome to contact the Public Works Department at 385-1480 or City Hall at 385-1470.